“Hear what Marvel Movie star – Lady Sif from the movie Thor played by the beautiful Jaimie Alexander has to say about Glow For Life”

The Glow Mantra

Live To Your Purpose

Life isn’t always easy – so finding your purpose will help you to navigate through life with integrity, high values and presence.

Move Your Body

Finding a movement that lights you up and doing something everyday ensures you will have energy and focus. Movement is fun so keep on FLOWING and GLOWING.

Stay Hydrated

Water is medicine for your brain, body and soul so lets all keep up our daily dose. Try carrying around a water bottle with you

Eat Wholefood

The food we eat affects our mind, body and soul. Food is natural medicine and is what helps our body Thrive. Try to select as many wholefoods to eat as it’s the quality of food we eat that will help us to shine.

Laugh Daily

Who doesn’t love to laugh – finding laughter and joy will help your mind, body and soul. Its time to crack out those dad joke

Gratitude and Reflect

Keep smiling and finding things to be grateful for. This will help you to stay positive even in moments of stress and challenge. Try keeping a Gratitude Journal and reflecting daily to find those sparkly vibes.

Bringing a little Glow to our Community


Glow for Life is set to take the online realm by storm with the READY SET GLOW  due to launch on the 30th of May. Learn all the foundational tools of mindset, movement and breath to build a solid framework so that you can thrive not just survive.

Illustrated Children's book

Coming Soon

These illustrated childrens books with take your children on an adventure where they will learn what it means to be healthy in mind, body and soul. Well crafted characters with subtle messages will ensure that the children of the next generation will have the knowledge that they need to thrive in life in all pillars of health and wellness

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  • I took my team of 10 for weekend getaway to experience something different which incorporated health and fitness. Danni’s workshop on the ‘Wim Hof Breathing Technique’ was a perfect fit because it combined the science of how stress affects your body, breathing techniques, sound healing and the fun part – the 2 minute ice bath at the end to test out what we just learnt! Although everyone had a different fitness level and risk appetite, I can proudly say everyone survived the ice bath and came away exhilarated. Dani’s coaching was excellent throughout the workshop and individually in the ice bath. All the team loved the workshop and cannot speak highly enough of it.

  • “I was super stoked to go and share the day with my wife at Dani’s recent Wim Hof breath work day. I’ve done a lot of breath work over the years and loved the scientific approach combined with Dani’s friendly knowledgeable approach. The method was great and will be implementing what she shared – now more than ever – to stay fit and healthy. Thank’s Dani, your humility and light are very much needed in this time of need!”

  • I have known Dani for number of years and can attest to her skills as both a trainer and a massage therapist. When training with Dani, she always takes into account my individual circumstances, making sure her program gives maximum benefit with the restrictions of my lifestyle as a busy small business owner. She is also focused not only on the physical elements but also the nutrition, mindset, general health and wellness – her attitude and approach has changed the way I see heath and fitness. In terms of massage, Dani has helped me with a number of issues including tight hip flexors which have loosened considerably after regular massage. She knows exactly where the pressure points are and is able to generally release tension while targeting individual problems. Dani is always motivated, energetic and great to be around – her services are worth every dollar!

  • I’d say one of the hardest gigs there is for a personal trainer is training a group of workers – corporate training. Widely diverse levels of fitness, different degrees of motivation, and an assortment of fitness goals – it’s a fruit salad of athleticism. Luckily for us, Dani was able to juggle these dynamics with ease whenever she trained our motley crew. As a group, she had us working as one, while still fine tuning our individual needs. Just the fact our training group turned up in enthusiastic numbers each session was testament to Dani’s expertise, motivation and ability to run a thoroughly enjoyable fitness class. She’s one of the best in the business for motivation, passion for wellness and group training.

  • Dani’s wealth of knowledge of the human body transpired through her treatments. She looks at the root cause of the problem and not just the symptom and advises on practical solutions and changes in your life that will help with your posture and the way that your body moves. Just working with her makes you feel like you are doing something positive towards your health and wellbeing. Her bubbly energy is a joy to be around and you know that she genuinely cares for your well being. I was so disappointed to lose her to QLD and can’t wait for her to come back and sort my back and shoulders out!

  • Danielle is a very capable & professional trainer whose holistic approach to health & fitness has yielded great results for myself & my wife. I would recommend her to anybody who is serious about improving every aspect of themselves.