Challenging Your Relationship With Fear

Challenging Your Relationship With Fear

Recently I have been thinking about the concept of fear, and how it impacts us as human beings.


It is only natural that we all feel fear – it’s a psychological protective factor that helps keep us alive! Monica Berg, author of Fear Is Not An Option, explains there are three types of fear:


  1. Healthy fear – helps us determine what situations are safe or dangerous. This is the fear that is instinctual and helps us survive.
  2. Real fear – this revolves around emotional fear rather than physical fear, and may include fear surround loved ones dying or failing to succeed.
  3. Illogical fear – this relates to fears that are non-existent or hypothetical, thinking of the “what if…”.  This type of fear can result in you feeling worried, insecure or frantic.  


Monica explains that healthy and real fear are helpful, while illogical fear can be maladaptive and stop us from living a full life. Illogical fear can stop us from taking new opportunities, trying new things and keep us stagnant in life, which doesn’t allow for growth as a human being.


I love this quote from Monica on removing illogical fears from your life:


“You can nullify illogical fear—it takes commitment and mental work, but it absolutely can be done. It sounds simple, but that’s the other thing about illogical fears: The only thing providing them sustenance is you. You feed the fear every time you give into it. You feed it, it becomes stronger, and its appetite grows. Once you make the decision to give your fears the boot, they no longer have a place in your mind, and, therefore, no place in your life. In the absence of the fear, your life will begin to unfold in incredible ways”.


Seeing people overcome their fears is something I get to witness often, especially with ice baths. People fear the cold. It’s scary. Its uncomfortable. And it would be easy not to do it. So why do they do it? Aside from the health benefits, they overcome a fear and teach their brain that the cold is not dangerous. It is a challenge yes, but it is not something to be feared!


If you would like to take the first step in overcoming a fear and trying breathswork or an ice bath, please reach out via the link below