Ice baths Gold Coast

Ice baths Gold Coast

We are such creatures of comfort. When we are hot, we turn on the air conditioning. When we are cold, we turn on the heater or put on a warm jumper. We as a society have mistaken comfortable with being ‘healthy’ which leads to weakness and dis-ease with in our bodies.


How we can start to strengthen our resilience, cardiovascular health and relationship to cold is by introducing ice baths into our wellness regime.


Some people may question why on earth would you partake in ice baths. When I first started them I must admit I use to get really strange looks and be called “Crazy”. More and more people are discovering the benefits of ice baths.


Stepping outside our comfort zones is where we are able to facilitate real change for the better so that we have these strong vessel of bodies and can experience longevity.

There are so many wonderful benefits in doing ice baths. They start from:


  • Teaches us how to handle stress :Dealing with discomfort or pain in the cold teaches you how to handle physical and psychological discomfort in any situation.
  • Training the cardiovascular system : By training with the cold, you are also training your circulatory system. This system is critically important for the functioning of the body. When it does its job properly, the body functions better, as it permits blood to circulate and transport nutrition, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones and blood cells to and from the cells in the body.
  • Release happy hormones, increase energy and focus : Immersing yourself in cold water elicits a positive stress response. When this happens, the body starts pumping out positive, ‘happy’ hormones while clearing the mind, increasing your focus and giving you an immediate energy boost.


I am based in the Gold Coast so I run a range of experiences that include ice baths on the Gold Coast – one is I run monthly Community Ice Baths Gold Coast in the majestic suburb of Mermaid Beach you can book here


You can also do an ice bath in the Gold Coast with me down at The bath house in The Currumbin EcoVillage Gold Coast Book an ice bath session — Ground Currumbin.