After working in the dance music industry for close to 15 years as a touring DJ, you can imagine how unhealthy my lifestyle was. I would party all weekend at work. Sleep all week. Then repeat. In 2013 I decided things had to change.

Thanks to a good friend who offered to start training me 4 times a week as well as changing my nutrition and diet, I lost 15 kilos and felt physically great. Once the buzz of losing the weight started to fade, I found I still felt the same mentally as I did before. I was filled with negativity and needed a mental detox to change my mindset and power up my life.

Here are three simple things you can do to improve your long term mindset.

1. No More Complaining: This seems obvious but it really does work, if you cut out the complaining, you have the ability to change your life! After reading ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss, I decided to implement one of the things he mentions in his book in order to change my mindset. Simply place an elastic band or hair tie around one of your wrists. Every time you find yourself complaining, snap the band against your wrist. Try and do this for 21 days and see the power of your thoughts and how they shift as a result of the short snap of pain.
Pro Tip: If the pain gets too much, you’re able to swap the band to the opposite wrist to make it more bearable. I kept mine on the same wrist and found it super effective.

2. Be Grateful: How many people do you know who actually stop, take stock and express how grateful they are for the most simple things around them? Clean water, great food, your friends, family etc. There is always someone who would love to have your problems. We get so caught up in always wanting more or looking for the next “thing” to buy we forget to stop and appreciate the amazing things we already have in our lives. I use the Gratitude Journal app on my iPhone (though there are a number of apps, tools and physical diaries you can find and buy). Each morning and evening I write three things I’m grateful for as well as three amazing things that happened that day. In just one month of using this app, you will see the changes in your mind set and find that you gravitate further to positive thinking as you truly appreciate the good things in life.

3. Do more for others: Humans can be pretty selfish. Personally, I spent many years only doing things for people where I knew there would be personal gain at the end of it, either for myself or my DJ career. In turn this left me feeling rather shallow and made me feel angry with people expecting my time 24/7. I undertook a personal mindset shift and put my energy and focus into actually enjoying doing things for others. The moment I began to feel this way, I found the feeling of satisfaction from helping someone is amazing and unrivalled.  Whether it is with articles on Glowforlife.com.au, teaching outdoor classes, helping clients lose weight or to reach their fitness goals, creating a positive impact in the lives of others is truly wonderful for me.

Take it from a reformed “what can you do for me addict”. If you implement these three simple changes for a month, you’re sure to see a shift in your mindset and feel much better for it! Tell us how it goes...


It's great to have goals. We should all have them. I have loads of them. The more I am exposed to the health and fitness industry, the more I see people striving for perfection when it comes to their bodies; strength, body fat, you get the picture. It made me think -  in our pursuit of health and wellness are we becoming unhealthily obsessed with reaching our goals? And, are our goals always meant to be reached?

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at” - Bruce Lee

For a while after losing my 15kg of fat, I was obsessed with the thought of not letting anything “bad” enter my body. I was unhealthily obsessed with being healthy. It was too much. Then I went through my zero carbs phase because, once again, I was trying to eat “perfect”. Take it from the guy that ate 500 grams of carbs today, carbs are not the enemy!

I now feel like I am way more balanced mentally because I am not aiming for perfection, but rather just appreciating my progress and the process.

Now I live by the 80/20 rule.  I eat well 80% of the time but that other 20% of the time I  do still love a burger / pizza / chocolate / all of the above at once. This is a far cry from my old way of life, that was an abundance of EVERYTHING.  I have learned to embrace my progress, rather than dwell on my weekly blowout. Shhh - don’t judge me, I know even the healthiest of you reading this do it too!

The same goes for training. We all have good weeks, we have bad weeks. Weeks we don’t train. Weeks we do train, but with the zero to no effort. We just show up. I am not saying to put in less effort. You know as well as I do when you have put in the hard yards when it comes to exercise, but as long as you are moving in the right direction you should be satisfied with your progress.

Lately I have been guilty of getting frustrated by not getting my strength back in my legs post patellar tendon tear but am training my brain to be happy with the small victories each week. It's not easy and your brain needs training like any other muscle does.

So go on, celebrate your small wins, enjoy your progress and every inch you move towards your goals. You will know if you deserve it or not...


The health of your gut pretty much dictates your general health. Bad gut health, generally = bad overall health. Good gut health, generally = good overall health.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but a recent study found that there was a direct correlation between a more diverse micro biome of gut bacteria (a healthy gut) and general health. Having poor gut health can affect pretty much all of your other bodily functions. It can lead to higher stress levels, poor immune system and mental fog. Did you know that 90% of your Serotonin comes from the gut?

Here are 3 ways you can have a healthier gut. Or a more diverse micro biome of gut bacteria as the nerds call it.

  1. Cut the toxic foods. So many processed foods are toxic to your body. The four main suspects are: grains, sugar, soy and unhealthy oils (think vegetable oil or any other synthetic oil). Why: Humans and many other animals haven’t adapted to eating these forms of foods. They produce toxins that inhibit digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Stick to a plant, animal and good fat diet and watch your gut gut health improve.

  2. Eat fermented foods. Things like unpasteurized dairy products: Yoghurt and cheese as well as sauerkraut and kim-chi. Feeling adventurous? Try some Kombucha tea. Even red wine does its share in moderation (Don’t mind if I do!). Why: It increases the supply of good bacteria to the gut and also makes your food more digestible.

  3. Manage your stress levels. Brain health and gut health are closely connected and there is a reason that irritable bowel syndrome is related to mood disorders and depression. The same applies in the other direction too. High stress levels will lead to all kinds of gut problems. So take a bit of time each day to do whatever it is that de-stresses you. Yoga, meditation, exercise or reading are all ways to reduce stress and keep your gut in line.

Do you need help with your nutrition and gut health? We would love to hear from you. Click here.



Have you ever noticed when you buy a new car (or any other item), you suddenly see the same ones everywhere? You can’t drive 30 metres without spotting a red Mazda 3, or seeing black leather handbags or phone covers that match the one you just bought. It’s what happens when you properly observe something and it’s been happening to me constantly lately.

You see, I’ve invested a lot of time recently in finding my ‘why’ and my purpose and since doing this, it’s been popping up everywhere around me. It’s in the Podcasts I listen to, people I talk to and the things I read. It got me thinking more about whether I truly know my “why” with everything I do. Whether it be my own training, training other people, my nutrition, even writing this blog post. Once I started defining my “why”, I felt my actions had a lot more purpose.

First I applied it to my own training. I felt I was training with no real purpose for so long and saw no results because of it. Since asking myself and defining my ‘Why’ when it comes to fitness and health, I have a reason for training and a need to be fit and strong in my latter years. I have an amazing two year old son who has way too much energy and I want to make sure that when I am 50, I can still keep up with him. This now drives me to physically push myself more than ever. What is your “why” with your training? Are you just showing up at the gym because you feel like you should? Do you want to get leaner, stronger, live a better quality of life? Try putting something down on paper and see if it changes how you train in the gym.

Then there is Glow For Life. Why did I decide I would team up with Dani and help other people with their health and wellness? What does it mean to me to help others? The “why”, for me, is that I had someone help me change my life and I want to do the same for as many people I can. Defining this “why” was a big moment for me.

The same then applies to the people I deal with through Glow. Recently I have started asking this of all my clients. Why is it they want to lose that 5kg? Why do they want more energy? What is it they will be able to do more of if they get there? Once this is clearly defined it makes it so much easier to get there, for me to train them and for them to feel motivated.

What is your “why”? Feel free to answer in the comments below, or drop us a line here.


It’s is not as glamorous as universal chest day (Monday), or gloating about how much you can bench or squat. Let’s face it, your back probably gets the least attention when it comes to your workouts, probably because you can’t see it while looking in the mirror.

Rather than just looking ripped, having a strong back will actually help developing other areas within your body. But it doesn't stop there! Here are three benefits of having a nice strong back.

Having a strong back will improve your posture. Your posture is generally a sign of how well your nervous system is working. Good posture = well oiled machine. If you have poor posture, are slouching or your head is pulled forward this will have a negative effect on your mood, how you concentrate and how function from day to day. Also you look slimmer when you have good posture.

You can breath easier.  When you have a strong back and you can naturally stand up straight and, as a result, are instantly able to breathe better. Studies have shown that having poor posture can reduce your lung capacity by up the 30%.

Reduce Back And Shoulder Pain. If you are confined to a desk all day you will probably be slouched forward or have rounded shoulders. This can lead to lower back and shoulder pain. Having a strong upper and lower back with fight off back and shoulder pain and keep your range of motion on track.

My go to exercise for a strong back is a deadlift. While it works PME (Pretty Much Everything) in your body the benefits you will see long term are amazing. Everyone should deadlift. Men, women, young or old.  

Start with a moderate weight until you perfect the movement.

Check out Scott Herman's 3 video series on correct form here

Of course if you have poor posture we recommend seeing a chiropractor before you undertake any deadlifting. We happen to know a good one if you are in Sydney. Have you noticed you have poor posture and feel it is impacting your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

We also have an online training app that can give you in-depth video demonstrations of how to perform almost any exercise both at home and at the gym. We can create you a program that is tailored to you and your needs and within your budget. Click here for more info.


If you’re like me, you would have seen your fair share of the latest meal replacement shake commercials. Just from having a magical milkshake, they all promise to shed the kilos fast with minimal work and effort involved. Packed full of nutrients. High protein. Leaves you feeling full. Blah blah blah… The real question is, are these miracle shakes actually good for you, and do they help with fat loss? The quick answer is no and here is my opinion on why.

Over the weekend, curiosity got the better of me and I picked up a packet of Slim Fast meal replacement shakes to see what was inside. Keep in mind a medical professional recommended this brand of shake to a relative of mine. To my amazement there was a massive 17 grams of sugar per serve. I could barely believe my eyes… Hold on what? Slim fast? Sugar? Meal replacement? Was I reading this correctly? Surely not.

These supposed “health” companies prey on people looking for a quick solution to fat loss when everything your body needs can be found in the fruit, veggie and butcher aisles of a supermarket. Drinking a shake packed with 17 grams of sugar seems counterproductive to real life fat loss. While every type of shake claims to be packed with vitamins and minerals, the truth is, so are vegetables. For every shake that boasts to be full of good fats, so is coconut oil, olive oil and salmon. If you’re looking for something packed with protein, why are you looking past grass fed beef or free range chicken? Shall I go on? Everything in these shakes can be found in REAL food rather than switching out a healthy diet for a sugar packed beverage.

I have no doubt people that replace their meals with these shakes get quick results as they are in such a large calorie deficit, but the majority of people would see the weight come straight back on once they stopped. If you swap out real food for extra fluid, your body ends up in starvation mode and will eventually start holding onto excess fat as it starts to feel malnourished and worried you are not going to feed it for long periods of time.

If you are looking to kick start some sort of fat loss, start nice and simple with your breakfast. Ditch the insulin spiking cereals and aim for a high fat and protein breakfast. Good old eggs and avocado are ideal for something like this. Also make sure you eat enough servings of green leafy vegetables in each meal and you won’t need to indulge yourself on the latest meal replacement shake.

Have you ever tried any of these shakes? If so we would love to hear how it turned out for you, good or bad.


Fads, quick fixes, juice cleanses and starving yourself is not the answer to thriving, glowing and being the ultimate version of yourself.

To ensure that you have an abundance of energy, clarity of mind, happiness and overall wellness it’s time for you to invest in yourself and embark on a lifestyle overhaul with the team at GLOW FOR LIFE.

On 18th of October we are launching our October online lifestyle program. This program removes the guesswork when it comes to your nutrition and training. You are assigned your own personal online GLOW Coach who works with you to identify the lifestyle changes that need to take place to help you to GLOW FOR LIFE. Your coach will provide you with the tools to be able to make these positive, sustainable changes and support you along the way.

There is no one size fits all approach. We understand that you are an individual so we tailor a lifestyle program specifically for you and your needs.

You will get an individualised monthly exercise program, nutrition coaching and be accountable to your coach and be a part of the GLOW FOR LIFE community giving you access to recipes, mindset training and much more.

We are not selling short cuts, magic potions or empty promises. This is real life. It's your Life . Its for Life.

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Hear what current online GLOW clients are saying about the program:

Klaus - 18.5kg of fat loss so far.

Big thank you to Ben Morris for getting me started, the motivation, being a shoulder to cry on, kicking me up the ass, the great training programs and picking me up for the Sunday gym session. :)

I could not have done this without the team from Glow for Life.....Honestly, if you're thinking about a diet, change of lifestyle, but struggle to get started/keep it going these guys are who you should talk to too...Changed my life forever


I’ve been working with the Glow For Life team for almost 12 months now, and they’ve been instrumental in helping me increase my fitness, develop my nutritional knowledge and maintain my 25kg fat loss. Without the expert advice, input and caring attitude of the Glow For Life team, I wouldn’t have achieved the same amazing results and my health wouldn’t be anywhere near as wonderful. Thanks Glow For Life!




I have to call bullshit on a lot of the myths out there on health, fitness and nutrition. Now, the Glow For Life team aren’t ‘glow-it-alls’, but in our time we’ve heard a lot of the same diet and exercise myths and ‘facts’ that are actually fabrications. Today we are going to blow your mind when we bust our top 7 most commonly heard health and fitness myths.

  1. You can out-exercise a bad diet. Real talk. No matter how many kilometres you run, weights you lift, or how fit you are; food is the fuel to your health and weight-loss success and achieving results. For most people, effective fat loss is broken down into 80% nutrition and 20% exercise so what you put into your mouth truly does make a difference and is the core of your results. Steer clear of the office lemonade and laminations, just because you hit the gym 6 days a week doesn't mean you get a dietary hall pass. Get your nutrition in order and the rest will follow.  
  2. Doing crunches burns belly fat. Forget every dodgy infomercial and your temptation to buy an Ab King Pro. This myth is one of my personal pet hates. You cannot pick where your body fat drops off (spot-reduce) by a series of different exercises. Everybody is different and based on your body type, people will lose (and store) fat from different places at different times. No amount of crunches will give you a taut and toned tummy. When training, look at your workout holistically and try to focus on all muscle groups for maximum benefit and results.
  3. Eating fat makes you fat. It’s true. Eating BAD fat and excess calories makes you fat. But eating good fat is to your absolute benefit. I do waffle on with this one a lot but good saturated fat is crucial for cell production, your brain function and pretty much every other body function you can think of. While you should avoid trans fats, saturated fats (found in avocados, salmon, coconut milk etc.) are great for your body and can actually help you to lose weight.
  4. You will get too bulky if you weight train. Ladies, throwing weights around at the gym will not turn you into Xena the Warrior Princess or even worse, The Incredible Hulk. You need to produce a hell of a lot of testosterone to add that amount of muscle to your frame. Using weights as a regular part of your training sessions will not only increase your strength but add additional muscle which helps you burn additional fat when you’re resting.
  5. Squats are bad for your knees. This one is all about form. If done correctly, squats are actually great for your knees. Push off your heels and as you fall into a squat position, try to get deep enough that your thighs are parallel to the ground. If you struggle at first, add some metal plates under your heels to help get your body used to the motion, and improve your form. As your body adjusts, you can remove the plates which will help you get down into a lower position. Squatting will actually help your knees stay healthier for longer as you begin to age.
  6. Cardio is key for fat loss. If there was a secret fat loss formula, it wouldn’t be cardio on its own. First up for effective fat loss is nutrition, second is adding muscle and cardio by itself sits at number three. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the more calories you burn, the closer you are to fat loss. We always recommend a holistic program that looks at your nutrition as well as exercise.
  7. There is a best time of the day to exercise. There is no ‘optimum time’ for exercise. This is completely personal as the best time to exercise each day is when you can and will exercise with no excuses. While there is a tiny bit of truth in this; you don’t want to be exerting yourself JUST before you to go bed, as long as you’re making the effort to get moving you’re doing great things for your body

Which leads me to the bonus point...

I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR MY HEALTH. My favourite of all myths/excuses. It is not about ‘having’ time it is about making time. If your health is important to you, you will find the time to do what is best for you…

If you would like help with your help and fitness journey GLOW would love to hear from you. We are here to help.