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At Glow For Life we strongly adhere to our values and choose only to engage with people who are in alignment with us. This page is a list of health practitioners that are a part of the GLOW community and that we trust with your health and wellness needs.

Dr Rachel Wyndham

Medical Doctor and Naturopath

When Rachel was young she took herbal tonics, grew sprouts, raised chickens and drank goats milk. Her aunt was a naturopath in the 70’s. As a little girl she believed this was how we all looked after our health.

When she qualified and worked in clinic as a Naturopath, now 20 years ago, she realised this wasn’t the case. She saw that many patients thought this was alternative and there was confusion and distrust.  She then went on to study Medicine. Fast forward through hospital medicine, emergency trauma, psychiatric wards to general practice – and a very different view of her world was formed.

She has dedicated her life to learning about wellness and how to re-establish balance and a sense of peace.  She has seen both sides of the health industry and they are both valid and valuable.  She is here to integrate the both of them.

Maddy King

Naturopathic nutritionist and Chi Nei Tsang practitioner

At the age of 19 Maddy started struggling with severe digestion issues and spent four years trying to get help in every direction with not much luck.
After finally finding natural cures she decided to become a holistic practitioner herself. Her speciality is gut health, adrenal fatigue and women’s hormones.

Ellice De Giovanni

Health Coach

Ellice De Giovanni is an expert on all things movement, brain function, and mobility.
With an extensive health and wellness background spanning 20 + years. From ex-athlete, advance care paramedic, health coach, and functional neurology.
Ellice has helped thousands to improve their overall pain, movement, and brain output with the use of specific movement maps for better functioning brains and bodies.
She always says if you give her 50min she can give you 50 years 😉

Simon Morgan


DR. SIMON has medical science background and has been a gentle wellness chiro for 10 years. Graduating from Macquarie University. He is passionate about helping people have a lifetime of movement so they can be vibrant and healthy. At the age of five after seeing his grandmother benefit dramatically from having her feet aligned by a chiropractor to help with arthritic pains, he began his lifelong journey to learn about ways to add massive value to peoples lives and help them have an extraordinary life. He likes to snowboard and travel and has amazing positive energy. He loves helping people from all walks of life enjoy the incredible benefits of having a healthy spine, healthy mind and healthy body.

Bart Scholtissen - Back to Your Nature

Change & Development – Neuroscience

Bart has worked and lived in the academic world for more than 15 years. He got his PhD. in 2005, worked in neuroscience and education for a long time until he started his own company in 2014 –  he helps people who face changes in their lives and don’t know how to deal with that to reconnect and get back to their own nature. Learning to truly connect with his own nature again, and connecting with others – provided him with a lot of new insights, and ever since he has been working on this process. Where he offers 1:1 coaching, adventure Nature trips, Group workshops.

Aneta Siedlecka

Mindset Coach

Aneta Siedlecka is a Holistic Transformational Mindset Coach. She helps people tap into their own potential, unique gifts, talents, and limitless possibilities through a process that she calls Human Engineering. This process improves day-to-day performance, mental and physical health, wellness, and wellbeing and releases any blockages or limitations to success people might have.
She has worked with CEO’s, Leadership teams and high performers in the corporate world to help them enhance and optimise their performance in their work life as well as in their personal life.

Carolina Rossi


Carolina is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (APD/ND) with over 15 years experience in private practice within Australia and abroad. With a Masters in Clinical Functional Nutrition her approach involves examining the core clinical imbalances that underlie a disease or condition – looking beyond signs and symptoms to a deeper understanding of functionality of everyone’s unique metabolism. Your menu plan, detox and supplementation program will be designed based on your body’s specific needs and nutritional requirements. Carolina also has a Post Graduate degree in Sports Nutrition. She participated in many important sports events around the world certifying athletes were receiving optimum nutritional advice and supplements to achieve their best performance.

Midori Lotz


Midori is a former professional ballet dancer that has that has spent over 20 years of her life in a physically and mentally demanding world. She has been practicing Yoga and Pilates for over 10 years now and teaching for three years. She loves all three forms of movement (Yoga, Pilates and Ballet) and puts her whole heart into them. She is so excited to be a part of your personal journey through your practice and to help you to reach your personal goals. She currently teaches within the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

Hollie Bradley

Yoga Teacher

Hollie Bradley is a yoga teacher with 15 years experience, working with the traditional teachings but adding a contemporary perspective. Hollie thrives on working with clients one on one and is available on the Gold Coast for private sessions by arrangement. Please contact for further info at or ph 0405961021.

Kate Oberholzer


Kate Oberholzer is a personal chef and recipe developer that works in-house for clients on the Gold Coast. She studied Food and Nutrition and has worked in a number of different environments including Bazaar at QT, Youfoodz and most recently Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. Her focus is on health and well-being through food.

Rich Muir

Meditation Teacher

First and foremost, he is super passionate about helping people increase their happiness and remove the toxic modern-day epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression from peoples nervous systems.

He is a family man, surfer, artist and lover of good health! His journey to this place of teaching people  meditation has been a diverse ride.

Vedic Meditation gave him the power to be able to respond to life with creativity rather than react to life with emotionality.  He would love to share this technique with you.

Ben Morris

The Fit Dad Project

The Fit Dad Project aims to educate dads to make better choices regarding their own health (and that of their family), and to prove that crash diets and meal replacement shakes are not the answer. Through BEN’S online programs and coaching he has shown numerous dads that simple is often best with your health. Simple is also the best way to get results and keep them; something he’s found from a number of the guys he’s worked with.

Urban Greens


Urban greens is a small local business focusing on providing an easy and affordable service for anyone wanting to introduce a few extra greens into their lives. Onsite or online garden consultations and designs available or join one of my fun gardening and lifestyle workshops.

Matt Wilbrow

Wellness Coach

Matt Wilbow completed a BHSc Myotherapy and was recognised for academic excellence. He is also accredited in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Level 1 and utilises this as a basis for screening. In addition, he is a certified Kinetic Link Training (KLT) L2 instructor, personal trainer and remedial massage therapist, and has worked as a health and wellness coach for the past 10 years. Matt has a keen interest in rehabilitation and a holistic approach to health and wellness. When he is not helping people back to their optimum health you will find him surfing at the local beaches.

Ashleigh Green

Meditation, Yin Yoga and Qi Gong

My love for Yoga started in my early teens. I knew somewhere deep inside of me that I wanted to share this amazing gift of Yoga with others so I began my Teacher Training in 2014 learning the ancient techniques of Traditional Hatha Yoga.Not long after graduating, I then found Yin Yoga and immediately fell in love with this style of practice. I hold this practice close to my heart as I find it deeply nourishing, relaxing and meditative. Finding Yoga has changed my life forever and I am deeply grateful to be able to share this ancient wisdom with all of my students from all walks of life.

Ground Grocer

Ground Grocer will be the Southern Gold Coast’s hub for ethical and locally-sourced fresh produce, dry goods and packaged creations that support the farmer/producer and end consumer. We are committed to providing education and support for the community on healthy lifestyle and ecologically intelligent practice.

When: Wednesday 9-2, Friday 9-2 & Saturday mornings from 7.00am-1.00pm

Where: Ground Grocer Shed Contact: Paul Cook on 0412 497 460 or

Instagram: @ground_grocer

Facebook: @GroundGrocer

They stock a wide range of pantry and dry goods from Currumbin family business Nutra Organics and also source the best chemical free artisan sauces, preserves and organic sourdough bakery goods each week.

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