2016 is the year you’ve been waiting for! It’s the chance to change your lifestyle, improve your health and increase your fitness levels, all while becoming the best version of yourself.

Sometimes getting started is a challenge, and Glow For Life wants to help you as move towards your new life.

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Family goal and strategy session
Identify your goals, determine where you want to be and how you plan on getting there. Glow Coaches will help you set realistic goals and develop steps to help you reach them.

Bespoke training plans developed for each family member
Based on personal goals, fitness levels, health status and available time, bespoke training plans will be developed for each family member to adhere to.

Cupboard overhaul
Ever wondered what hidden items in your fridge or pantry could be doing some damage when it comes to your success? Your Glow Coach will support you in a cupboard overhaul that will have you eating and feeling well, as well as learning a few things about how you are fuelling your body.

Training sessions
Weekly one-on-one family training sessions with a Glow Coach will keep you accountable and allow you to reach your goals and peak physical fitness. These sessions are designed to keep you motivated in your training plan. 

Progress updates
Regular measurements, progress updates and adjustment of your workout plan will occur throughout the 12 month period. Evaluation and adjustment of your goals will be implemented, including celebrating your successes and achievements.  

Sounds pretty good, right?! Enter now and let yourself Glow in 2016… 

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