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The Breathing Cure - By Patrick McKeown

Kickstart your potential with The Breathing Cure — Patrick McKeown’s most comprehensive exploration of breathing science to date.
Breathing plays a vital role in regulating and delivering oxygen to every single cell in the body. But few people understand the basic rules. The common advice to “take a deep breath” inevitably results in more air in the lungs but less oxygen reaching vital systems.

Learn the incredible science behind Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage® method, and how functional breathing can enhance health, wellbeing and performance, for life.


MYOTAPE Reduces Chronic Stress and Stress-Related Illness
MYOTAPE prevents the nocturnal mouth breathing that triggers your fight or flight response and contributes to hyperarousal and insomnia.

When you breathe efficiently through the nose, heart rate decreases, stress hormone levels decline and heart rate variability – an important indicator of resilience – improves. Use MYOTAPE to switch to full-time nose breathing and wake up ready to handle everything life throws your way.


The diaphragm is your main breathing muscle. It also plays an important role in core strength, functional movement, emotional regulation and sexual function. A weak diaphragm can cause lower back pain, poor balance and pelvic problems.

The Buteyko Belt helps you engage and strengthen this amazing muscle, for healthy breathing and healthy movement. Get to know your diaphragm the easy way, with the Buteyko Belt.

Wear the Buteyko Belt at home or at work to help correct shallow, upper chest breathing. While you get on with your day, the belt gently connects with your diaphragm to increase lung capacity, improve breathing muscle function and calm your mind.


Enhance Your Performance, Power & Endurance with SportsMask

Created by Oxygen Advantage founder and author, Patrick McKeown, SportsMask is designed with science in mind. SportsMask builds strength in your breathing muscles, supporting physical power, functional movement and endurance. It creates adaptations in your body’s response to breathing biochemistry, which translates into greater stamina. Used with exercises to simulate training at high altitude, it can boost EPO and hematocrit and increase anaerobic capacity. Ready to take your training to the next level? Get SportsMask.

Pulse Oximeter

The Contec Pulse Oximeter – Add Extra Motivation to Your Breathing Practice

Breathing exercises make you feel better, but they’re even more rewarding when you can SEE your progress. With the Contec Pulse Oximeter, you can measure changes in your blood oxygen and pulse rate. Watch your SPO2 improve over time. See your heart rate slow when you breathe at 6 breaths per minute. Monitor the temporary drop in blood oxygen during breath holding.

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