Glow Coaches are committed to offering a personal training program that truly motivates and inspires you.

These one-on-one training sessions are tailored specifically to you, your health and lifestyle needs and requirements and allows you to set achievable and realistic goals.

Each Glow Coach will offer personal and specific exercise, nutrition and mindset programs to create change no matter your fitness level, age or current lifestyle. We understand success looks different for every individual, and an initial assessment will help your Glow Coach work with you and create a joint strategy to achieve success. 

We offer personal training programs which are focused on your specific needs. This includes setting and striving to achieve your personal fitness, exercise and health goals. Your Glow Coach will work with you in your sessions, monitor your progress and celebrate your results.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with all fitness training and activity. Our Glow For Life nutritionists works closely with the Glow Coaches to analyse your food intake, make tweaks, and encourage improvement. This may include strategies to lose fat, increase muscle size and boost energy.

They say knowledge is power, and education is a successful by-product of personal training sessions with our Glow Coaches. You will learn a great deal about yourself, your body, how it works and how to achieve your goals. This information will stay with you forever and will help you maintain your new lifestyle long-term.