We spend most of our lives at work, so creating a happy and healthy workplace is a top priority for Glow For Life Corporate Clients.

We all know that employers that emphasise the wellbeing of their team see a more productive workplace, with a harmonious team and less sick days and illness sweeping their office.

There are a number of solutions to allow Glow Corporate groups to maximise their health and encourage employee wellbeing.

Group exercise classes are a simple way to raise the heart rate and get team members moving and motivated. These classes have been developed to cater for all age, experience and skill levels, with alternative movement exercises that can be implemented. The focus of these classes is to encourage offices to get moving, but also promote that exercise can be social and fun.

The social elements of exercise are evident in Glow For Life team building activities. Turning fitness into a bonding experience, these sessions allow groups to better understand team work and create and develop new relationships through movement. Individuals become teams, and teams become friends.

Managing stress is a challenge in any workplace, and mobile stress reduction massages can be combined with any Glow For Life activity. A simple way to reduce tension and increase blood flow, often massages can be deemed a workplace reward for many employees.

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