Your gut is the secret weapon when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Gut health has been linked as the key for weightloss, energy and general wellness and is often disregarded by health professionals.

In a gut-sy move, Glow For Life spoke with Emma Sutherland from Darling Health in East Balmain to get the lowdown on what’s going on inside your stomach and how to make some improvements.

"75% of your immune system lies in your gut lining."
These words of wisdom from Emma truly say you are what you eat, and prove you need to prioritise your gut health in order to get ahead in your overall health and wellness.

Real pro’s take probiotics

Emma’s trick to get your gut moving and get a cracking start to the day is simple; take a probiotic. An early start, coupled with a priobiotic mixed in water with aloe-vera is one way to alkalize the body and improve your health from the inside. Anybody experiencing bloating or an upset stomach should have a strong probiotic, though if problems persist, visiting a healthprofessional should be top of your list!

Don’t treat the symptom, find the cause

“By the time people come to me, they are at the end of the line and have had to tell their story so many times so they are a little jaded,” commented Emma. People shouldn’t disregard the importance of running through their health history though. “Taking a thorough health history allows us to identify any links that could be causing issues.”

Forgo inflammatory foods

An inflamed digestive system is a common issue Emma sees in in her clients with symptoms including bloating, fatigue and flatulence. Causes may include poor diet, a stomach bug, undigested or fermented food or antibiotics. “Have an inflamed digestive system is going to effect your ability to absorb nutrients as well as lose fat,” says Emma. If this could be you, the simplest way to treat this issue is to remove “inflammatory foods” from your diet including coffee, sugar, wheat, dairy and reintroduce these slowly when your body has repaired itself.

Focus on balance
There are more serotonin receptors in the gut than the brain so having an unbalanced gut can also affect your “feel good hormone”. This could lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders; making balance in the body more important than ever before.

Make mindful eating a priority
Eating on the go is part of the norm for our time poor society which is not good news for our body when it is trying to process our food. “A digestive enzyme is released in the body to the gut when you are going through the process of preparing food, so if that is missed and you just buy something in a packet and scoff it down then you are sending food down to an unprepared digestive system. This leads to partially digested food sitting in your stomach which can ferment and produce an acidic environment,” says Emma.

Emma encourages mindful eating so being present when you are consuming food. Making time for meals, eating at a table, removing screen time and distractions and chewing your food properly (40 times each mouthful!) are all ways to focus and prioritise your eating.

Talking to Emma about our insides is an eye-opening move, particularly when so many symptoms can be mistaken for the norm. Don’t be too concerned though; Emma firmly believes the body can heal itself given the right tools, building blocks and support. Emma’s goal is to bring the body back to homeostasis and have it working efficiently, with many clients commenting they didn’t realise they could feel this good!

For more information on Emma Sutherland and Darling Health visit http://darlinghealth.com.au

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