Meet Klaus Hill.

Klaus is a loving father of two girls, Elise­-Sophia (aged 5) and Astrid (6 weeks) as well as a great husband to his wife, Poppy. Klaus works in the music industry in a desk-bound job and has a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

Klaus joined us at Glow For Life weighing in at 146kg, knowing that now was a positive time to make a lifestyle change for the sake of his daughters. It’s a daunting task, going from no fitness training and a diet you’ve known for many years to a complete lifestyle and wellness makeover, but Klaus has committed to the task ahead. 

In 4 short weeks with Glow, Klaus has already lost 9kg and well on the path to his goal of a happier, healthier life. 

In 4 short weeks with Glow, Klaus has already lost 9kg and well on the path to his goal of a happier, healthier life. 

“I had to make this a public statement and activity so I can be kept accountable,” says Klaus. “I want to change my life and that of my family for the better.”

An average day for Klaus used to involve waking up, taking Elise­-Sophia to school and then going to work where he would sit down at his desk all day. Klaus did not eat breakfast and would then eat two big meals a day as well as frequently snack. A pub lunch was also top of Klaus’ list, comprising of a big burger and chips, or a steak and chips along with a couple of schooners of beer.

The tipping point for Klaus, and the driver for him to take charge and change his lifestyle was the impact it was making on Elise­-Sophia. A self-confessed lover of crisps, Maltesers and chocolate, Klaus was passing on some of his unhealthy habits to his daughter when it came to diet and food choices.

“It’s hard to say no sometimes, especially when your daughter brings home a fundraising box of chocolates from ballet with all of your favourite Cadbury bars,” says Klaus. While Poppy had always made an effort to stock the fridge and cupboards up with an assortment of healthy foods, Klaus’ soft spot for sweet and savoury treat items will be a challenge for him to give up, but one he is determined to meet. 

Health issues run in the family for Klaus, who lost his dad at the young age of 65 with Type 2 diabetes (caused by a high sugar diet) adding additional health problems that did not help the situation. Deeply affected by this loss, Klaus knew that taking control of his diet had to be a priority if he didn’t want to have similar health problems down the track.

“I want to set a good example for my daughters. It’s the core motivation for me to stay on track and keep going through the tough times. The thought of not being around to see them grow up scares me,” says Klaus.

For the next 12 months, Klaus will work with Glow For Life on a dedicated training and nutrition plan to lose weight, learn more about food and exercise, increase his fitness and change his lifestyle for the better. 

“It’s not going to be easy,” said Klaus. “I know I’ll get through it with the thought of Poppy kicking my ass if I don’t! Also the support of Ben, my Glow Coach, will help me stay on track throughout this process.”

With his entire family along for the journey, Klaus is committed to setting a remarkable example to Elise­-Sophia and Astrid, giving them an education and the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle.

Keep checking back for regular updates on Klaus and his Glow For Life journey. 

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