Have you ever felt like you have been stuck in ‘Ground Hog Day’ with your fat-loss or fitness progress? Same workouts, no results? Same nutrition, no results? That is exactly how I felt for the last 12 months. Having lost a good amount of fat in 2013 (15kgs, yay me!), I have since been trying to put on some muscle.

I thought that my gym session and nutrition were at a good level to get me results but I have struggled. I had been sitting at the same weight for 3 years until I realised I was inconsistent. Very inconsistent. I thought I was training enough as well as hard enough. I thought that I was eating right. I was wrong. Here’s how I started measuring my tangibles to get results.

“If you measure it, it will improve.” - Seth Godin.

This struck a nerve with me so I decided to start recording my calories with My Fitness Pal again as I had done to lose fat in 2013, as well as recording all of my workouts with my Trainerize App. I recorded all of my weights and reps. As well as notes on how I felt at each time of day I trained.

I noticed how flakey I had become with my training. Going in and not completing whole workouts. Leaving halfway through. Lifting weights with no clearly defined goal to work towards. I also noticed how little I was training to what I thought. Once things are in black and white in front of you it becomes clear what you need to improve. I have since stuck to my set days of training each week and only missed 2 sessions in the last 3 months. All because I am now accountable. Even if it is only accountable to myself and and app that emails me and reminds me to train.

The same applied to my nutrition. I thought I was eating plenty. Turns out I was nowhere near the amount of calories I needed to put on muscle. Logging my food with My Fitness Pal each day helps keep me hitting my calorie needs every day. The key thing I was lacking was consistency in both areas. I was good for a few days a week, and then off the wagon the rest. Measuring my progress  has helped me be insanely consistent. That much so I have put on 2kg of muscle and lost more body fat. Finally!

So if you are feeling like you are not getting the results you want with your health and fitness. Ask yourself are you really giving it 100% everyday? Try tracking for a few months as I have and see if things improve and how a dedicated purpose and common goal can benefit you. We would love to hear how go if you give it a try.

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