Fat has copped a lot of bad press over the last 30 years but that is all changing. Many of us that decide to shy away from the ‘whole grain’ life know what the mainstream media is finally admitting, that fat, even types of saturated fat, are good for you. Our good friend Dr. Bryce Fleming from Alignment Health lists some fun facts below as well as some great sources of fat.                 

Fun FAT Facts

The functions of fats include:

• Brain – Fats compose 60% of the brain and are essential to brain function, including learning abilities, memory retention and moods. Fats are especially important for pregnant women since they are integral to foetal brain development.                    

• Cells – Fatty acids help your cells stay movable and flexible, as well as being responsible for building cell membranes.                 

• Heart – 60% of our heart’s energy comes from burning fats. Specific fats are also used to help keep the heart beating in a regular rhythm.                    

• Nerves – Fats compose the material that insulates and protects the nerves, isolating electrical impulses and speeding their transmission.                   

• Lungs – Lung surfactant, which requires a high concentration of saturated fats, enables the lungs to work and keeps them from collapsing.                  

• Eyes – Fats are essential to eye function.                    

• Digestion – Fats in a meal slow down the digestion process, so the body has more time to absorb nutrients. Fats help provide a constant level of energy and also keep the body satiated for longer periods of time. Fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) are absorbed when fat is present.                    

• Organs – Fats cushion and protect your internal organs.               

• Immune system –Some fats ease inflammation, helping your metabolism and immune system stay healthy and functioning. 

Great Sources of Fat

• Coconut oil

• Coconut milk

• Coconut butter

• Coconut cream

• Ghee

• Duck fat

• Extra virgin olive oil (not for cooking)

• Macadamia oil (low heat cooking or raw)

• Avocado oil (low heat cooking or raw)

• Grass-fed dairy cow butter (dairy tolerant people only)

• Raw cream (dairy tolerant people only)

• Always aim for organic fats

If you would like to know more about Dr Bryce Flemings underground Health Revolution click here to purchase his book, or check out the Alignment Health website here.