Salt gets a lot of bad press. If you’re a lover of the salt shaker at the dinner table, you’ve probably been ridiculed by your friends and family and told to reduce your daily intake. Let’s be honest though; the facts about salt are far less black and white than they seem.

Your body actually requires salt (aka sodium) to function. Sodium is a mineral that is required for maintaining blood pressure and a normal fluid balance in the body and transmitting nerve impulses.

There are various types of salt. Table salt, Himalayan Rock salt and Sea salt. Known to enhance flavour when added to food, here’s the grain by grain breakdown of salt and how you can incorporate it into your diet and which types will give you the most benefit.

Table salt has all of its minerals removed. The challenge here is these minerals are important in helping balance blood pressure; this means the more table salt you consume, the more likely you are to experience gross blood pressure fluctuations. This is why doctors recommend a salt-reduced diet when you have high blood pressure.

Himalayan Rock salt has an impressive nutritional profile with dozens of minerals including calcium (for bone health), iron (to transport oxygen), zinc (for immunity), iodine (to maintain a healthy metabolism).

Sea salt naturally contains selenium, which helps to remove toxic heavy metals from the body. It also contains boron which helps prevent osteoporosis, and chromium which regulates blood sugar levels.

According to The National Health and Medical Research Council – they have set an ‘Adequate Intake’ of 2.3g of sodium per day. Most adults consume more than this based on the volume of processed salt they already have in their diet, let alone the amount that may be added to foods.

Foods that can be high in processed salt include:

  • bread products such as crumpets, bagels and ciabatta
  • pasta sauces
  • crisps
  • pizza
  • ready meals
  • soup
  • sandwiches
  • sausages
  • tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces
  • breakfast cereals

Processed foods, such as microwave dinners, are extremely high in processed salt. For the temporary convenience, the high levels of sodium within will impact your health long term. If you do choose to eat highly processed foods, we definitely recommend you steer clear of adding salt to your dish.

If, however, your diet is high in whole foods, you can feel free to add a little bit of Sea salt or Himalayan Rock salt to your meal - use it sparingly though!

Remember your health is not a race it’s a marathon and you need to be dedicated and in it for the long haul. Let’s start ensuring we are nourishing our body in the best way possible to help it GLOW!


Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith is the Founder of Glow For Life, with personal experience acting as the driving force for her passion to make a positive difference to the health and wellness of others.

Danielle tipped the scales at 30kg overweight in her childhood years and was a constant target for bullying. After making the decision to lose weight, Danielle moved to the opposite end of the spectrum, battling anorexia and bulimia for several years. Due to these early issues in her childhood she suffered from health issues later on in life like IBS, an underactive thyroid, nutrient deficiencies which lead to fatigue where she has spent countless hours and dollars with doctors, naturopaths and numerous allied health professionals trying to identify what was wrong.

After a lengthy recovery process, Danielle was able to build a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body image and made this a core priority in her life.

Unfortunately, a corporate career path with no passion or personal motivation caused Danielle’s priorities to slip, with health, fitness and attitude to life all taking a back seat.

The ‘Glow moment’ that Danielle had was a telephone call informing her that her mother was going to die. She was sick with jaundice, had a tracheotomy in her throat, was on a dialysis machine and her body was not receiving the nutrients required. The next day her father was admitted to hospital with renal failure.

Having experienced first-hand what can happen when you don’t prioritise health and wellness, Danielle knew it was her purpose to help educate and assist people to make positive changes in their lives to ensure that they are the ultimate version of themselves.

This was the catalyst for Danielle to quit her corporate career, study fulltime and begin her “Glow for Life” journey.

Since taking the plunge, Danielle has worked as a Personal Trainer at Soultrain in Woolloomooloo and as a Sport Massage therapist for the GWS Giants and worked with Julia Russell Massage therapy with such sports teams like The NSW Waratahs, South Sydney Rabbitohs, West Tigers and the NSW Cricket team.  She has just recently returned from spending time in New York training with some of the elite trainers at Equinox Greenwich in Manhattan and Celebrity Trainer from Muscle Manhattan, as well as training in Thailand at a Muay Thai training camp,  with current Muay Thai champion fighters.

Danielle is currently working with individuals, couples and families as well as in the corporate space, promoting health and wellness in the workplace and in general life.