Could your travel schedule be hurting your health?

When you spend a lot of time on the road it can wreak havoc on your health and lifestyle. While you may have the best intentions, frequent visits to airports, and trips away from home can ruin your exercise regime, obliterate your meal preparation and stifle your sleeping patterns.

From one frequent flyer to another, here are a few key tips to maintaining your glow while on the go!

Nutrition: We all know that protein should be the core of any meal, but it’s always a challenge to find any decent protein on a flight or in an airport terminal. This is where preparation is the key – take a small container of protein powder and a shaker with you so you can properly fuel your body while in transit. A small bag of Brazil nuts, and a few tins of King Oscar Sardines in extra virgin oil are also travel staples. They make a great breakfast or snack food, and help you avoid the pastry laden hotel buffet breakfast. A small container of Vital Greens also helps ensure you can keep up your vegetable intake as they can be incredibly hard to come by on the road.  

Water: Flying really strips your body of a large amount of water causing dehydration. Not only is it bad for your body and organs, which relies on ample water and fluid to work at its optimal levels, but can also dry out your skin. Make sure you travel with a re-fillable bottle so you can track your water intake and top up regularly!

Sleep: Try and grab some shut eye when you can. An eye mask and neck pillow are crucial for plane trips no matter how short. Even though you’re away from your creature comforts and are searching for some familiarity, try to avoid looking at screens for at least 90 minutes before you go to bed including television computer and phones. This will help you fall into a much deeper and better quality of sleep.

Exercise: If you spend lots of time sitting on planes or in an airport, getting your body moving the moment you land will be beneficial and get the blood pumping through your veins. If your hotel has a gym, hit it up the moment you can. If not, a TABATA routine can be completed in the comfort of your hotel room. A great workout, TABATA consists of 20 seconds of full on effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Each round is completed 8 times. We suggest using 4 different exercises and repeating each one each twice in a circuit. Push-ups, squats, dips (using your bed for support) and crunches. Run through this twice or three times. Stretching is also the key to a healthy lifestyle, particularly after traveling. This yoga routine can make a great work out on it’s own, or can follow a more vigorous cardio session.

Alcohol: If you are travelling for work, sometimes the odd shandy with colleagues is unavoidable. If so there are a few things you can do to reduce the effects. Obviously first and foremost moderation is key, don’t over do it and try to avoid sugary drinks and beer which will dehydrate you and make you feel bloated. A nice glass of dry red wine or a vodka lime and soda will do the least damage to your diet plan. Also load up on potassium before and after you drink. Avocados are a great source, so find a way to incorporate this into your meals before you head out. 200mL of pure coconut water (with no added sugar) before bed can also reduce the impact of a night of alcohol. Packed with potassium and with more natural electrolytes than all sports drinks, it will keep you hydrated and feeling on top of the world come the following morning.

Relax: Try to use your transit time as a time to relax and not as an added opportunity to work. Listen to a podcast, some music, an audio book or read. Take advantage of the fact you are un-contactable and squeeze in some “you-time”.

Contact the team at Glow For Life to help you develop your own personalised travel plan complete with nutrition and exercise.