Australians are spending more and more time sitting stationary and less time moving and your working life could be part of the culprit. Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down in front of a computer at home or in the office will recognise the aches, pains and stiffness you feel in your neck and back after long periods of sitting down.

Enter the idea of a ‘stand up’ work station which has become increasingly popular in the last few years and is also great for your body.

Your stand up desk is essentially a table top at a height that allows you to work on your computer or desk while standing in a comfortable upright position. You can either use an adjustable stand up desk where you can move from sit down to stand up position very easily, or else just test out the DIY method of a simple crate on your desk to place your laptop on.

There are a range of benefits associated with stand up desks, and working while you’re in an upright position. Here are the top three from Glow For Life:

1. It may reduce lower back pain
Sitting for long periods of time puts a lot of pressure on your lumbar spine that can lead to back pain and health problems.

2. It may help you lose weight
Although good nutrition and exercise are the best way to lose body fat, standing at your desk for half of your working days can help you to burn up to 170 extra calories a day.

3. They may increase afternoon productivity
We have all felt that afternoon slump that comes over us while sitting at our desks, forcing us to reach for a cup of coffee. Standing up while working invigorates the mind and helps to keep you focused on the task at hand.

While standing for 8 hours a day might initially seem like a daunting task, here are a few tips in order to help you make the adjustment to a standing desk:

Gradually increase the amount of time spent standing each day. Start for 30 minute intervals three times a day, and slowly build it up until you can stand for an hour at a time.

Standing on a hard concrete floor surface can cause discomfort, especially when first starting out. There are a number of floor mats you can find to cushion the surface and make the pressure easier on your limbs and knees.

Encourage other people in your office environment to stand up while they work. If you’re doing it as a team, you’ll be less inclined to lose motivation.

The lightweight, portable and very reasonably priced “Oristand” desk (as pictured above) developed by Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes will be available in Australia soon.

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Good luck and happy standing from the Glow For Life team!

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