Bed time means no screen time

Have you ever wondered how your body falls asleep, yes we close our eyes but have you ever thought how does our body make us go into your slumber? Your body requires your brain to release a hormone called Melatonin for our body’s to be able to fall asleep. 

We are all guilty of watching TV shows on our lap top in bed or scrolling through instagram and facebook on a “liking “frenzy but would you continue to do this if you knew that the blue light from the screen was actually affecting your ability to get quality sleep? The brightness of the screen mimics the sunlight so this light hits the optic nerve in your eye telling your body to stay awake which disrupts the production of melatonin making it difficult for you to fall asleep and/or getting quality sleep.

This impact to the production of melatonin means not only is the quality of sleep  compromised, but the blue light will impact your body’s ability to detoxify and will interrupt the repair work that your body had planned for you, as did you know majority of the detoxifying that the liver does is in the evening as well as repairing and building muscle. 

If you continue to have screens in bed or are on your phone constantly before bed then this will have detrimental impact on your immune system.

Try these few trick to limit the impact that the blue screens have on your body,  health and wellness:

1. Stop all screen time a minimum of 60 minutes before bed

2. Download an app called “Koala” which will decrease the brightness on your screens

3. Switch to warm/soft lights or red/orange tinted light bulbs instead of LED.

4. Do not have a TV in your bedroom

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