No matter how old you are, it’s never too early to start learning about health, wellness and how to look after yourself. It’s one of the reasons I was inspired to start Glow For Life and create a holistic way of caring for your body; for the next generation to get a head start.

Fostering and developing healthy habits early doesn’t have to be hard, but it does start from working with parents.

Emma Sutherland, a Naturopath at Darling Health (Balmain East) says that all children should be taught to understand food. “I’ve been teaching my daughter Sophia about food and how it impacts your body since she was very young,” says Emma.

“Parents can encourage their kids to develop a sense of adventure when it comes to food and trying new things, but they should also be encouraged to listen to their bodies and consider how they feel when they eat certain foods,” commented Emma. 

Regardless, human health and wellbeing starts well before a child is born, with a mother’s habits when pregnant potentially having an adverse effect on a child. A study has shown that umbilical cords tested right after birth had over 200 chemicals found inside; this means exposure to over 200 chemicals for a baby that has not yet been born. This early exposure can lead to behavioural and developmental issues as well as neurological disorders.

Focusing on health from conception right through to 5 years old is prime time to teach kids skills that will set them up for life. Everything from making fitness fun, to how to enjoy healthy food, to the benefits of mental stimulation are all habit forming. The receptiveness of children to new behaviours and learning means that it’s easier to teach ‘good’ behaviours rather than break ‘bad’ habits later in life.

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