The health of your gut pretty much dictates your general health. Bad gut health, generally = bad overall health. Good gut health, generally = good overall health.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but a recent study found that there was a direct correlation between a more diverse micro biome of gut bacteria (a healthy gut) and general health. Having poor gut health can affect pretty much all of your other bodily functions. It can lead to higher stress levels, poor immune system and mental fog. Did you know that 90% of your Serotonin comes from the gut?

Here are 3 ways you can have a healthier gut. Or a more diverse micro biome of gut bacteria as the nerds call it.

  1. Cut the toxic foods. So many processed foods are toxic to your body. The four main suspects are: grains, sugar, soy and unhealthy oils (think vegetable oil or any other synthetic oil). Why: Humans and many other animals haven’t adapted to eating these forms of foods. They produce toxins that inhibit digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Stick to a plant, animal and good fat diet and watch your gut gut health improve.

  2. Eat fermented foods. Things like unpasteurized dairy products: Yoghurt and cheese as well as sauerkraut and kim-chi. Feeling adventurous? Try some Kombucha tea. Even red wine does its share in moderation (Don’t mind if I do!). Why: It increases the supply of good bacteria to the gut and also makes your food more digestible.

  3. Manage your stress levels. Brain health and gut health are closely connected and there is a reason that irritable bowel syndrome is related to mood disorders and depression. The same applies in the other direction too. High stress levels will lead to all kinds of gut problems. So take a bit of time each day to do whatever it is that de-stresses you. Yoga, meditation, exercise or reading are all ways to reduce stress and keep your gut in line.

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