After working in the dance music industry for close to 15 years as a touring DJ, you can imagine how unhealthy my lifestyle was. I would party all weekend at work. Sleep all week. Then repeat. In 2013 I decided things had to change.

Thanks to a good friend who offered to start training me 4 times a week as well as changing my nutrition and diet, I lost 15 kilos and felt physically great. Once the buzz of losing the weight started to fade, I found I still felt the same mentally as I did before. I was filled with negativity and needed a mental detox to change my mindset and power up my life.

Here are three simple things you can do to improve your long term mindset.

1. No More Complaining: This seems obvious but it really does work, if you cut out the complaining, you have the ability to change your life! After reading ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferriss, I decided to implement one of the things he mentions in his book in order to change my mindset. Simply place an elastic band or hair tie around one of your wrists. Every time you find yourself complaining, snap the band against your wrist. Try and do this for 21 days and see the power of your thoughts and how they shift as a result of the short snap of pain.
Pro Tip: If the pain gets too much, you’re able to swap the band to the opposite wrist to make it more bearable. I kept mine on the same wrist and found it super effective.

2. Be Grateful: How many people do you know who actually stop, take stock and express how grateful they are for the most simple things around them? Clean water, great food, your friends, family etc. There is always someone who would love to have your problems. We get so caught up in always wanting more or looking for the next “thing” to buy we forget to stop and appreciate the amazing things we already have in our lives. I use the Gratitude Journal app on my iPhone (though there are a number of apps, tools and physical diaries you can find and buy). Each morning and evening I write three things I’m grateful for as well as three amazing things that happened that day. In just one month of using this app, you will see the changes in your mind set and find that you gravitate further to positive thinking as you truly appreciate the good things in life.

3. Do more for others: Humans can be pretty selfish. Personally, I spent many years only doing things for people where I knew there would be personal gain at the end of it, either for myself or my DJ career. In turn this left me feeling rather shallow and made me feel angry with people expecting my time 24/7. I undertook a personal mindset shift and put my energy and focus into actually enjoying doing things for others. The moment I began to feel this way, I found the feeling of satisfaction from helping someone is amazing and unrivalled.  Whether it is with articles on Glowforlife.com.au, teaching outdoor classes, helping clients lose weight or to reach their fitness goals, creating a positive impact in the lives of others is truly wonderful for me.

Take it from a reformed “what can you do for me addict”. If you implement these three simple changes for a month, you’re sure to see a shift in your mindset and feel much better for it! Tell us how it goes...