Have you ever noticed when you buy a new car (or any other item), you suddenly see the same ones everywhere? You can’t drive 30 metres without spotting a red Mazda 3, or seeing black leather handbags or phone covers that match the one you just bought. It’s what happens when you properly observe something and it’s been happening to me constantly lately.

You see, I’ve invested a lot of time recently in finding my ‘why’ and my purpose and since doing this, it’s been popping up everywhere around me. It’s in the Podcasts I listen to, people I talk to and the things I read. It got me thinking more about whether I truly know my “why” with everything I do. Whether it be my own training, training other people, my nutrition, even writing this blog post. Once I started defining my “why”, I felt my actions had a lot more purpose.

First I applied it to my own training. I felt I was training with no real purpose for so long and saw no results because of it. Since asking myself and defining my ‘Why’ when it comes to fitness and health, I have a reason for training and a need to be fit and strong in my latter years. I have an amazing two year old son who has way too much energy and I want to make sure that when I am 50, I can still keep up with him. This now drives me to physically push myself more than ever. What is your “why” with your training? Are you just showing up at the gym because you feel like you should? Do you want to get leaner, stronger, live a better quality of life? Try putting something down on paper and see if it changes how you train in the gym.

Then there is Glow For Life. Why did I decide I would team up with Dani and help other people with their health and wellness? What does it mean to me to help others? The “why”, for me, is that I had someone help me change my life and I want to do the same for as many people I can. Defining this “why” was a big moment for me.

The same then applies to the people I deal with through Glow. Recently I have started asking this of all my clients. Why is it they want to lose that 5kg? Why do they want more energy? What is it they will be able to do more of if they get there? Once this is clearly defined it makes it so much easier to get there, for me to train them and for them to feel motivated.

What is your “why”? Feel free to answer in the comments below, or drop us a line here.