It’s is not as glamorous as universal chest day (Monday), or gloating about how much you can bench or squat. Let’s face it, your back probably gets the least attention when it comes to your workouts, probably because you can’t see it while looking in the mirror.

Rather than just looking ripped, having a strong back will actually help developing other areas within your body. But it doesn't stop there! Here are three benefits of having a nice strong back.

Having a strong back will improve your posture. Your posture is generally a sign of how well your nervous system is working. Good posture = well oiled machine. If you have poor posture, are slouching or your head is pulled forward this will have a negative effect on your mood, how you concentrate and how function from day to day. Also you look slimmer when you have good posture.

You can breath easier.  When you have a strong back and you can naturally stand up straight and, as a result, are instantly able to breathe better. Studies have shown that having poor posture can reduce your lung capacity by up the 30%.

Reduce Back And Shoulder Pain. If you are confined to a desk all day you will probably be slouched forward or have rounded shoulders. This can lead to lower back and shoulder pain. Having a strong upper and lower back with fight off back and shoulder pain and keep your range of motion on track.

My go to exercise for a strong back is a deadlift. While it works PME (Pretty Much Everything) in your body the benefits you will see long term are amazing. Everyone should deadlift. Men, women, young or old.  

Start with a moderate weight until you perfect the movement.

Check out Scott Herman's 3 video series on correct form here

Of course if you have poor posture we recommend seeing a chiropractor before you undertake any deadlifting. We happen to know a good one if you are in Sydney. Have you noticed you have poor posture and feel it is impacting your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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