Ben Morris

Ben’s 15 year music career saw him leading a constant party lifestyle. Late nights, no sleep, excessive alcohol and bad food saw him gaining weight and feeling unhealthy and unhappy.

In 2013 Ben had the opportunity to complete a 12-week body transformation, whereby he not only lost 15kg, but fell in love with health, wellness and a new type of life.

This complete physical and mental shift inspired Ben to support others in achieving their own health and fitness goals and experience the same life-changing, mood-lifting and transformative experience he did. 

Upon completing Certificate 4 in Personal Training, Ben joined the team at Harbourside Fitness, where he has been responsible for working with numerous clients to change their lives and help them grow physically and mentally.

As a husband and father, Ben wants to show current Australians and future generations how important it is to prioritise health and wellness and is the perfect partner for Danielle on the ‘Glow for Life’ mission.